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Paul-Jean Toulet

Paul-Jean Toulet [1867 - 1920]

Born in Pau in 1867, died in Guéthary in 1920, John Paul TOULET Parisian dandy, however, very attached to his native Béarn and the Basque Country, now finds the place it deserves in the French literature of the twenty-first sciècle.

His poetry collection the most famous, the "Contrerimes" (1921) hides under a preciousness and a charming fantasy, severity and often poignant bitterness.

Novelist John Paul TOULET published "MONSIEUR PUBLIC RIGHTS RUSP" and the ironic and tender vein of his poems, "MY GIRLFRIEND NANE" and "YOUNG GIRL GREEN". Thus, based in Guéthary in the cemetery "where we see the sea", the one that a friend and biographer was nicknamed "Letters Gentleman".


  • 1898 - "MONSIEUR THE PUBLIC RIGHTS RUSP" H.Simonis Empis.
  • 1901 - Arthur Machen: "THE GREAT GOD PAN" translated from English by PJ TOULET. Editions of the "Pen".
  • 1902 - "THE GIFT OF MARRIAGE Quixote". Felix Juven.
  • 1904 - "TENDER HOUSEHOLDS '. Mercure de France.
  • 1905 - "MY GIRLFRIEND NANE". Mercure de France.
  • 1918 - Edition of the "Divan" and G.Crès "AS A FANTASY.".
  • 1920 - "TALES OF BEHANZIGUE". G. Cres.
  • 1921 - "THE Contrerimes". Editions of the "Divan" and in Emile Paul.
  • 1922 - "impostures THREE ALMANACH". Edition of the "Divan and in Emile Paul.

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